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Kim Tiam-Lee Christmas Collab

Craft Easy collaborates with crafter, jewelry maker and architect, Kim Tiam-lee for a DIY Christmas gift wrapping ideas video. She will be showing us new, alternative and creative ways on how we can wrap our gifts this Christmas season!


  • DIY Christmas Cookie Treat
    • Craft Easy Kraft paper sheet
    • Craft Easy Washi tape
    • Craft Easy Fuzzy wire
    • Craft Easy Paper twine
    • Craft Easy Pompoms
    • Clear Plastic sheet
  • DIY Christmas Gift Wrapping Idea
    • Gift Box
    • Craft Easy Kraft paper sheets
    • Craft Easy Paper rose and glass bouquet
    • Craft Easy Bow
    • Craft Easy Pompoms
    • Craft Easy Fuzzy wire
    • Craft Easy Paper twine
  • DIY Wine Gift Bottle
    • Craft Easy Pompoms
    • Craft Easy Paper Twine
    • Craft Easy Kraft Tags
    • Craft Easy Fuzzy Wires
    • Craft Easy Decorative Ribbons
    • Japanese Paper
    • Bottle of Wine


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